The To Do List

This is my evergrowing list, my list of to-do-before-I-die, my list of the curious and mundane. It may lengthen and shorten, may be remembered or forgotten. I like to believe it has a life of its own. And as with such things, there is no order.

  1. To learn how to make the perfect Russian Stroganoff.
  2. To go for a Vipassana camp. 
  3. To go back to Leh in 2015 with Rin (and sit in front of the Maitreya at Thiksey again). 
  4. To learn to say no and not 'spread myself too thin'.
  5. To have a garden. And let it go wild.
  6. To think before I shout.
  7. To go for a sitar recital. 
  8. To learn how to cycle and go for a trip. [27th March 2011]
  9. To hold (and obviously cuddle, squeeze paws and kiss nose of) a cub of any of the big cats.
  10. To travel to Ireland.  [Sort of, July 2011]
  11. To take a library cataloguing course. 
  12. To take a road trip. [Dorset Coast, June 2011]
  13. To stop chewing at my hair. [Sometime in 2012]
  14. To travel to Pondicherry  [A perfect birthday, March 2012 and another birthday celebrated July 2012].
  15. To explore Gujarat.
  16. To catalogue all the books we have. [Ongoing, since 2015, thanks to Libib]
  17. To experience VSO.
  18. To go for a trip with Maitreyi. Again. (Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, June 2011)
  19. To grow 100 trees in my life. At least.
  20. To chip away at the to-read list.
  21. To read a play (in original) by Shakespeare. 
  22. To climb a peak.
  23. To donate regularly to an animal home.
  24. To volunteer regularly at an animal home.
  25. To learn to make a great Long Island Iced Tea. (I decide on the greatness)
  26. Get a map for my wall. [Merry Christmas Bucket list buddy! December 2012]
  27. To take First Aid lessons.
  28. To practice rainwater harvesting.
  29. To visit the Ajanta and Ellora caves.
  30. To bake my own bread again.
  31. To practice telling the truth.
  32. To own a Pink Panther T-shirt.[Thank you Maitreyi Arushi and Abhijit!! March 2011]
  33. To re-read the Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde [September 2010]
  34. To do yoga regularly. [September 2015]
  35. To live near the sea once. 
  36. To start singing again.
  37. To get back to quilling.
  38. To get back into the habit of writing letters to family and friends. 
  39. To visit an island.[September 2010 - September 2011]
  40. To own a Roald Dahl mug. [A birthday made better! Thanks Abhijit-from-blog-UK and Mr. Anonymous. March 2012] 
  41. To watch a ballet performance. [August 2011]
  42. To wear cotton sarees regularly. [August 2015] 


  1. Hey, I just noticed this! Isn't this new? :)

    p.s. I can totally relate to the parts on Ladakh! Many more others too actually..

  2. Yup its new. I had been toying with the idea for some time now.

  3. I think 44 can be crossed out now.. You are on an island right now! :D

  4. Heh heh that's right :)

  5. No. 14, Your Road trip is done..Durdle door, lulworth Cove and poole

  6. :) And what a lovely road trip it was!!

  7. Anonymous11:15 pm

    :) No. 2 ....To spend a night at Clarke's Hotel, Shimla also figures in 'My wish' lists .... we can plan it up together some day ..... :)


  8. Hey Chandni, you could also call this list, The 'Bucket' List! (Pun intended..haha)
    Love it, by the way! :)

    1. 'Bucket' list indeed Nabila!! Only fellow progga people will understand :)

  9. shobha Mum10:19 pm

    if u come with me, your whole home shall be a study room. That is a promise.

    1. : ) What would I do without you?

  10. Bucket list buddy (from Blog UK)12:22 pm

    Seems like I have done another thing from your to-do list! :P :)

    1. Ha ha you're getting more creative with the names haan? If you help me with any more, it will become YOUR list! But I'm curious, which one? Which one?

    2. Bucket list buddy6:42 pm

      I did a 3-day First-Aid course and am now a certified First Aider! :)

      p.s. I think I should create a list of my own mine too!

    3. Aah lucky bum. I want a 3 day First Aid course too! Perhaps I can learn from you :)

  11. You visited Pondicherry twice.

    1. The other birthday was just as perfect, if not better.

  12. Anonymous10:46 pm

    Look at Number 44

  13. Anonymous11:01 am

    At least you can break it down in 49 items. Sometimes, my only wish is to forget we ever met.

  14. Why are some of these in bold?

    1. To remind myself I want to do them urgently.

  15. It saddens me that 2015 is over and we could not do our Leh trip.
    But we did manage a lovely trip together this year and we will do one or more next year.
    Given that you came to visit me, saw the places and met the people I had mentioned, gives me the faith that Leh too will happen.

    1. When I'd written Leh in 2015, it had seemed so far away into the future! In the coming year we have something to look forward to already :) And the Buddha is patient, it will happen I'm sure.

      Lots of love.

  16. Idrinkmyteafikithesedays9:28 pm

    Glad (although, almost surprised but definitely glad) to see this is still getting updated! :)

    p.s. Of course, contributions from bucketlist-buddy have dried up sadly.



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