Published Poetry

"Poetry is a naked woman, a naked man, and the distance between them." ~ Lawrence Ferlinghetti

Drying Earth in Indian Ruminations [July 2011 Issue]
My first published poem written way back in 2005, in a spurt of poetic creativity. Incidentally, it also marked the beginning of my blogging. 

Illicit Affair in Red River Review [November 2011 Issue]
Born out of my realisation that "...a memory is best left where it began..." 

Evenings of Ice Cream published in the Taj Mahal Review [online and print, June 2012 Issue]
This started out, strangely enough as a poem to a lover, treating him as a little boy. When I look back, it is still that to me. A letter to a lover.

The (K)nightmare in Indus Woman Writing [July 2012 issue]
Inspired by a very real dream and a very real knight who swooped in to cloak away the darkness.

Four poems in Coldnoon: A Quarterly of Travel Poetics [online and print, July 2012 Issue]
Travel inspiring poetry inspiring travel.   

Interviewed (sort of!) by Mayank Austen Soofi of The Delhi Walla fame for a series on poets in Delhi called Delhi's Bandaged Moments. [August 2012]

Too Old To Remember in Wordweavers [November 2012], Indus Woman Writing [Second prize], and Muse India [January-February 2013]
A poem inspired by witnessing the vulnerability of old age touch a loved one. Recited here by Sheila Singh.

Ugly is the New Black in New Writing Volume 2, Helter Skelter [November 2012]  
An impromptu poem written based on visual cues. A first!

Three poems in The Mindful Word [November 2012]
Poems written by an older self, which find resonance even today. 

Where I learn it is fashionable to read Bukowski in The Rusty Nail [January 2013]
Written in the throes of my affair with the ever bawdy, Bukowski.

I Am a Woman in India in eFiction India [January 2013] and The Mindful Word [February 2013]
Written in response to the gang-rape of a 23 year old in the city I call home.

Wanderings (to the ones I lost to the forks in the road) and A Summer of Shame in Muse India [Issue 47, January-February 2013 and republished in Issue 55 May-June 2014]

Conversing with a Fox on a November Evening in Coffee Shop Poems, a poetry blog run by the talented Tim Knight [February 2013]
True story this.

What if? in Volume 11 of Papercuts, a stimulating bi-annual magazine by Desi Writers Lounge [February, 2013]
The poem, written a very long time ago, was a result of a very real fear. It found a home in Papercuts' issue with a theme 'Prequel'. Indeed, the poem was a prequel to my favourite story.


  1. Mr. Bora should be categorised as prose, don't you think?

    1. Yes, I think so too mister.

  2. Wow. I have to come here to find out all the things you have been up to!

  3. You feature in the Cold noon one. Socho! (the big O-mouthed surprised face)

  4. Anonymous7:40 pm

    The words "poetry" and "prose" have different font sizes

    1. Keeping me on my toes eh? Thanks :)

    2. Anonymous11:57 pm

      i am obsessive

  5. Anonymous12:40 am

    This page keeps getting lengthier and lengthier

    1. You're stating the obvious. It is getting lengthier, what about it?

    2. Anonymous12:39 pm

      You dont need to get angry

    3. Not angry. Just curious what your point was.

  6. Anonymous10:16 pm

    Wasnt trying to making a point, actually

    do I always have to?

    1. Nope. Whatever works for you :)

  7. Anonymous12:30 pm

    happy new year

    1. Happy new year to you too :)

  8. Anonymous11:42 pm

    The format for the dates keeps changing

  9. What is your favourite story?

    1. M&M ki ajab prem kahaani.

  10. Anonymous6:22 pm

    there is a missing bracket at the end



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