04 May, 2013

An Ode to Ai

Picture credit: Sunflower Seeds @ Tate Modern from The Gaurdian 

[Ai Weiwei is a Chinese artist, often been prosecuted by his government for vocalising his dissent against some of the atrocities by the ruling party. He has, through his art and impassioned words, inspired thousands of people in China and across the world, showing that free speech and equality are not too audacious a dream. Disillusioned about the State of India, I find hope and heart in Ai Weiwei’s work. This is my tribute to him.]

Aye Ai Weiwei
We’re fighting the same battles you and I
You, warring hard against The Man of Ming
As my land oscillates between starving bellies and Ka-ching.

You’re hammering at the walls they’ve fenced you in Ai Weiwei
An artist bound by an imagination too free
I drown in the ideological barrenness of the perfect Democratic Dilemma
the nightmare of no choice: I sift through political debris.

You’re raging fire against the calm dragon Ai Weiwei,
That tramples free speech and ambition too high
We’re following stealthily; the crouching tiger
Rudderless, we taste death everyday with our morning chai.

They tell me that I (young and bright-eyed) am The Future Ai Weiwei,
oh yes, They give me rose-tinted glasses and then snatch away my view
What of this land they’ve tunnelled, the people they’ve pummelled
Don’t I deserve a hero to build castles on too?

It is a cruel desperate yuga we live in Ai Weiwei
And my soul is a-shudder, it truly is
Draw me a map now will you Ai Weiwei?
A less profane route out of this abyss.  


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